Friday, 30 September 2011

Motel Rocks in Brighton...

Great news!!! I have been chosen as the fashion student ambassador in Brighton for the clothing range Motel!
Yay me!

I'm super excited to report on all of the amazing street style and fashion events that Brighton has to offer. With it's large range of cosmopolitan influences and 'anything-goes' fashion sense I can see this being an amazingly enjoyable task :)

(not quite the view from my window but still a very sunny day <3)

Motel Student discount...

Until the 16th October students are able to get 20% off of the Motel Rocks brand online. You can do this by simply liking their Facebook page!!!
(def worth a nosey and a little tap of your mouse)

The brand has a vintage-inspired look but also has some sexy body-con dresses perfect for after-dark
My favourite items are the two-toned shirt used in the above campaign, the bright blue playsuit (I have actually recently bought this from Topshop Brighton...yes Topshop stocks Motel <3 )
and the midi skirt on the right is in my mind's inner-wishlist

All these beauties can be found on their website
(along with their newly arrived Autumn range)


Thursday, 29 September 2011

D.I.Y Dip dye tresses...

Fashionistas the world over are reaching for the bleach as they invest in the ultimate boho-babe hair trend...the dip dye. As seen on celebs such as Leighton Meester, Drew Barrymore and Rachel Bilson (below)

Using my fashion uni friends as guinea pigs I recreated the look at home.

Easy Peasy and it looks effortlessly sun-kissed

Let's go Gaga...

Last night we celebrated the birthday of my uni friend Lara. Everyone pulled out all the stops and donned their most out-there Gaga inspired outfits as we headed for a hedonistic night at Brighton's Digital Club.

Emily rocking her home-made geometric hat inspired by the 'Telephone' video

Birthday girl Lara wearing her daring 'Telephone' outfit (including nipple tape!!)

Pe-Jae rocking the geisha lip and crown and myself all wrapped up in leather and coke cans

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I heart Kate...

Lately I have been mega busy getting back into the swing of uni whilst experiencing my fair share of Brighton's nightlife
("down it fresher, down it!")
And after all my hard work (i.e. making it into the uni building for just over a week now) I decided to reward myself with a lipstick from the new Kate Moss for Rimmel range. I find red a little hard to pull off sometimes so went for a gorgeous shade of raspberry to play up my baby blues.


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Stomping ground...

Today I wore my brand new Dr Marten's for the very first time.
To say I am in love with them is an understatement. <3
However, they nearly crippled me so I definitely need to wear those bad boys in....ouch.

Dr Martens- £102
They only sold them in the USA so had to pay a shipping fee but they are so worth it!


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Friends with benefits...

Yay! All moved into my new home that is right in the creative hub-bub of...

One of the many benefits of living with my awesome and ever-so-stylish uni friends is the massive expansion of our wardrobes.
Under the little roof of our fashion-obsessed uni house we probably own half of the high-street and the Brighton Laines combined! So hopefully it might curb our impulse buying and shopping addictions as we discover a new and improved,
super duper shared wardrobe

Friday, 16 September 2011

new hair + new city = new adventures...

New hair promises:
  • I promise to (try to) embrace my natural straightness...if only for the winter.
  • I promise to use a deep conditioning mask EVERY week.
  • I promise to brush my hair at least every 2 days :)

It messes up really well too! yay!

Happy hair and happy me all set for tonight's move to new house in Brighton


At the moment I'm going a tad bit crazy for the colour blue (perhaps my obsession with orange has finally ran it's path?!). Recently having bought 2 dresses , 1 playsuit and a new top all in the same hue I decided why not go matchy matchy with my nails?

I added a little bit of sparkle to spruce it up a bit

Thursday, 15 September 2011

four day festival attire...

Day 1

Jacket- New Look
Poncho- Primark
Wellies- Schuh

Day 2

Feather top and denim shorts- Topshop
Cardigan- Stolen from my mum ;)

Day 3

Playsuit- Motel Rocks
Little brown boots- Ebay outlet

Tattoos- Courtesy of the Sailor Jerry's bar

Day 4

Floral playsuit- stolen from my sister but I do believe it's from
Floral raincoat- New Look (£6 in the sale)

Oh to be back at Bestival

hair today, gone tomorrow??...

After much indecisiveness and texting of everyone I know to get their opinion I have decided to chop my hair off.
Reasons for doing so:
  1. Something fresh and new to start the new uni term with (hopefully will get me motivated)
  2. My hair is absolutely knackered from lack of brushing and the general scruffiness that I have kept it in this's crying out to be snipped!
As I'm an ex-hairdresser, once I had decided on what I wanted I very nearly took my scissors to it myself but it may have resulted in a loss of an ear or an unintentional undercut. So I shall be patient and hope that I don't chicken out.

I'm sort of feeling a Fearne Cotton long blunt bob

Low maintenance and will grow out in time for next summer

Plus looks hot straight or curly

So long as I don't end up with a horror of a hairstyle like poor Cheryl (below) then I will be happy :)


Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Bestival truly is the most amazing festival I have ever been to!
My top moments that I plan to carry with me for at least the next 3 months include:
  • Dancing and fist pumping to Public enemy and getting to the front to see Flava Flav!
  • The moment I reached the top of the Ferris wheel with the love of my life.
  • Raving at pizza express (yes really!) with my sister and her crazy party-hard friends. It was the only source of music we could find at 6am.
  • The wishing tree hidey hole. It had enough room for approx 5 people but when we left 17 came out!! serious mary poppins magic bag moment! :)
  • Chilling under a multi-coloured canopy with perfect company accompanied by the most chilled soundtrack at the Bandstand stage.
  • Partying hard to Kelis as she sang bounce. We bounced and bopped to our hearts content in the afternoon sunshine.
  • Exploring the woods, marvelling at the smell of honey suckle and chilling in the forest nests.
  • Listening to The Cure as they played a two and a half hour set! Love cats indeed!
  • And finally on the last night the amazing explosion of fireworks and streamers that signalled the end Bestival and the end of summer 2011


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

In the jungle, the mighty jungle...

Tomorrow morning I'm off to the isle of Wight to finish off my summer with the amazing BESTIVAL!!!! After many stressed checks of the met office website I was a little worried about how I was going to attempt to combat the oncoming chill since balmy summer nights are now a thing of the past. I needn't have worried as my thoughtful Bf had it covered...
My amazing monkey 'onesie' has saved the day!

Reactions to the 'onesie' have been mixed and range from:

"You look cute and it's practical"
"You look like one of those freaky people who have a fetish and like wearing adult you will be wearing a nappy" (erm thanks Nay).

In return I decided to get the Bf a 'onesie' too...

yes it gets worse!
They may not be fashion forward or even remotely attractive but I'm sure they will handle the job of keeping us warm for the next four nights. Plus anything goes at festivals..right??!! haha


Monday, 5 September 2011

waiting for the Dr to arrive....

I have wanted a pair of DM's for a while (that's Dr marten's for those not 'down with the kids') but have had real trouble deciding on a pair. As these shoes are designed to last I have taken as much careful consideration as if I were choosing something permanent like a tattoo. Having learnt that I now no longer look at my wrist tattoo with the fond feelings that I felt for said boyfriend at the time and how I cringe at the fact we both have the same tattoo 'binding' us together FOR LIFE I have genuinely taken approx. 3 weeks to decide on the perfect pair.
Originally I wanted a pair of original classic black boots. The look ended up being more G.I. Jane than I had anticipated. My Mother quickly dismissed the idea of me getting a maroon pair as she said that it was a bit 'skinhead-ish' (I disagreed however, as there is nothing about me that particularly screams 'this is England').
After much internet surfing I decided on a raspberry textured pair. Only problem is they are only sold in the great U.S of A.

So I am now sat waiting with baited breath and fingers and toes crossed in the hope that my everlasting dream boots arrive before Bestival this thursday

bf you know I adore you but...

Recently I have begun to broach the subject of my lovely bf's chosen attire. Having worn the same 'uniform' of jeans, giant vans trainers, ill-fitting t-shirts and various brand named hoodies for the last 15+ years I knew that this particular project was going to be a toughie'.
After much reassurance that I adored him no matter what I have offered in a nice loving-girlfriend-way to advise him with his next clothing purchases (unbeknownst to him I had begun to hide various t-shirts at the back of his wardrobe in protest).

And so came the t-shirt deal.
After one too many drinks last friday we came to the drunken decision that on our next shopping trip that I would chose a top for him and vice versa with the intention of getting him outta' his comfort zone and for me to show off his lovely broad shoulders to full affect (yum).

The results were as follows...
  • Place= Republic

Me: What about trying on some of these 'carrot-shaped' trousers?
Bf: I don't like the colour
Me: They come in blue too or red with turn ups?
Bf: No comment! Just quickly puts as many metres between himself and said trousers

  • Place= Topman

Me: Ooooh Rhianna! You like Rhianna!
Response= disgruntled face with slight raise of eyebrow expressing confusion
Bf: Are we still in the girls section??

And so it went on.
Finally after much positive enforcement and reassurance that he looked manly enough still and not like the Gaultier sailor I got him into a Topman fitted stripy t-shirt and I think he liked the results (or maybe just liked my reaction of lust at being able to see his torso properly dressed and defined).
It was purchased and worn...much to my delight ;)

Topman £16

And the top he chose for me in return wasn't too bad either.
Topshop £18

Big smiles all round. Now just to sort out those horrible giant trainers and get him into a pair of brogues and let's hope that gradually less of his wardrobe is banished to wardrobe Narnia.