Thursday, 31 May 2012

Today I am wearing...dip-dye

Today I am wearing...
 a brand new dip-dye skater skirt from Topshop. It is super flattering and hides all lumps and bumps and gives the illusion of me being a lot smaller than I am so I think this is going to become a summer favourite. I saw it featured in a magazine aagggees ago and have been waiting to get my hands on it ever since. 

dip-dye skater skirt- £18 Topshop
lace pumps- £ 6 Primark 
necklace- Urban Outfitters
rings- various
nail varnish- Asda

I have teamed my outfit with my usual jumble of random rings and bracelets  and topped it all off with some punchy fluro nails


Thursday, 24 May 2012

Summer sunshine nails...

Gotta love this gorgeous weather!
I decided to paint my nails brightly to match my mood :)
Hot pink and turquoise...the perfect summery combination that enhances a tan.
The pink is 'sophie's pink' by models own and the turquoise is from h and m

Monday, 21 May 2012

New pastel blue dip-dyed hair...

I love my new dip-dyed hair!!
After faffing around trying to dye the ends lavender and it just not taking (do not buy crazy colour in 'marshmallow'... It doesn't work!) I decided to dive on in and go for blue.
I used crazy colour in 'sky blue' and lightened it using a White conditioner. Big thanks to the bf for helping me put it on and for not getting it everywhere :)
It reminds me of mermaid hair and I think next time I will take it higher up as I was a little too scared to go all out.

Friday, 18 May 2012

D.I.Y studded shorts...

After lusting after Rihanna in her studded shorts at Coachella I decided to stud some shorts of my own.
My blue cut-off Levi's shorts are seriously too short to wear without tights so I have been keeping my eye out for a longer pair that I can wear with bare legs this summer.

I managed to pick up these awesome black ones from a vintage shop in Cardiff for just £20 which is waaaaay better than the over-priced versions you can get in Urban Outfitters. The studs were approx.
 £8 for 50 (including p&p) from Ebay

I marked out where I wanted to place the studs wih masking tape and a good ole' faithful Sharpie pen,

 Using this weird pointy tool that I found in my Bf's random 'odd-job' draw (do all men have these??!!) I carefully pierced the denim whilst being careful to keep the hole smaller than the stud back as you don't want them to slop all over the place or become loose.

 I decided to put a row of studs along the seam that runs down each leg and also across the top of the back of the shorts so that there is a little 'stud action' from all views. I then simply pushed the stud-back through from the under-side and then screwed the stud cones on as tightly as I could manage.

I can't wait to wear these bad boys once the weather picks up a bit


Sunday, 13 May 2012

Ragged Priest inspired jacket...

I have gushed about my love for The Ragged Priest in an earlier post. 
All of it is very original looking and vibrant but a little too expensive for my student budget so I decided to attack an old denim jacket with dye & bleach to re-create my own version.

It was a pale blue/white denim with a humongous black current juice stain on the back of it from last year's Isle of White Festival. I soaked it in pale pink dylon dye and then tie-dyed it in bleach for 20 mins. It turned out great and the stain has been camouflaged out almost completely.

Now I just need to buy some studs to toughen it up a bit and then I am good to go. Very on-trend for this season and when I get bored of it I can just dye it black or navy.


Saturday, 12 May 2012

Hippie bands and a growing Ebay obsession...

I STILL haven't put my raspberry Dr Marten's on Ebay yet!!
 Arghhh I really need to get my bum in gear and do it!
 I have however discovered the joy of Ebay shopping which is a disaster for my bank balance!
 Since setting up a paypal account I keep buying things without thinking... one click of a button makes it waaay too easy!
I recently purchased these 5 rings from JWLRY (the online shop run by blogger Lilly Melrose) for a mere £5!!!!! So no-thought-purchases aren't all bad. I'm a big fan of big and chunky rings and as these come in an array of my favourite colour (turquoise) they are quickly becoming a permanent extension of my digits.

5 rings for £5 bought in a flash sale from JWLRY.
I am one of those people who only buys clothes for summer! I know this isn't the smartest idea seeing that I live in England and the majority of our weather is dreary and cold, but summer is my favourite time of year and I find Winter clothing boring! I like less layers and being able to chuck things on in a laid-back fashion.
So I couldn't resist stocking up on more 'festival' headbands when I saw them on sale at New Look.

flower headbands both £3 New Look

I honestly just wish my life was one big summer festival! I would happily give up showers and brushing my hair if it meant that I got to see my favourite bands, wear face-paint and flowers and live a festival every day of the year (maybe a shower for special occasions like my bday and xmas??!)
Get me to a festival field ASAP! 

Friday, 11 May 2012

Pink hair??!! and Motel haul...

Just had my hair done by my lovely hairdresser Cara. She is literally the only person I trust to do my hair as she knows me really well and doesn't try to push me into more extreme styles that just wouldn't feel like 'me'. 
I have lightened the ends of my hair in preparation for the marshmallow pink dye that I have bought and she has toned down the top third of my hair to a colour similar to my natural colour...the aim being that I will dye my hair less and just leave it au natural...except for the bright pink obvs.

the photo doesn't really show the difference between the top and bottoms of my hair but I will post a better photo once I have dyed it PINK!!
 As you can see I am wielding my camera. This is part of my new aim to use less instagram photos on my blog. I want to try and vary it a bit so that the images are a bit more life-like. That's not to say I will stop using instagram completely it is super convenient for on-the-go posts.

This week I ended up receiving to parcels in 2 days! I love receiving packages as it doesn't happen that often. My Motel order arrived just in time for the weekend. I chose an Aztec print play-suit with cut-out back and the red ditzy floral playsuit too. Plus some brand new nail varnishes from Model's Own to add to my already stupidly large collection of polishes that are taking over my BF's bedroom.

cute cut-out detail at back
I'd never usually wear red but this will look great with my leather jacket and DM's

Model's Own nail polish in: pinky/brown beetle juice, aqua/violet beetle juice and Sophie's pink

I have just ordered a new camera tripod from Ebay so expect lots more self-portraits and less instant instagram convenience (hopefully).


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

WIN! a fabulous festival experience for you and a friend!...

Heya everyone... 
this is one of the brand collaboration competitions I helped sort out whilst on work experience at Motel. 

Click here to quickly enter and be in with a chance of winning a fabulous festival treat for you and a friend


Ladies who lunch...

Gosh it has been a while since I posted!
 I have recently completed my 3 weeks work experience at Motel! It was such a great experience and I learnt so much about the industry. All the girls were great and very happy to answer any questions I had and I feel I was very lucky to get this placement as I know a lot of fashion students just end up sat cleaning a store cupboard or making tea....just for the record I didn't make one cup of tea! haha 
Everyone at Motel was great and were sweet enough to give me some Motel credit to spend online so expect a post on my new Motel goodies shortly. 

Motel HQ Bristol
A small corner of the busy Motel office
 A definite high-light of my intern-ship was getting to sit in on a buyer's meeting of a future capsule (August). The process was fascinating and has sparked a new career interest for me.
Models standing before the buyer's meeting
 I spent the bank holiday back at home in Dorset mostly working but I did get to go out with some of my bestie's to see a local band and make the most of the gorgeous weather. We had the best club sandwiches ever down The Cove House Inn .

No photo-shopping required! My home is naturally this beautiful!

Beccy, Myself and Naomi enjoying a spot of Lunch!

The weather is horrendous now so I am avoiding going out and will be doing a spot of indoor clothes D.I.Y- ing!
Will keep you posted