Monday, 27 August 2012

New hair au natural...

Last friday I finally got my hair done!
I hadn't dyed it since May and have been waiting for the end of the summer to tone down the 'blondness'.

It's now almost my natural colour at the roots and it then fades down to an ash blond. It's a lot more flattering than the bleach blonde look I sported over summer and a lot less high maintenance which is great for my student budget.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Day 6: Rainy rainy rain...

Okay so we have been very lucky with the weather so far but yesterday the heavens opened in dramatic fashion and have not stopped!!!

We headed out early to Polzeath again with out wet suits as the waves were approx. 5-6foot. Although a little choppy I still had a great time. My arms and shoulders are knackered now though...I'm in desperate need of a massage.

We spent the rest of the day messing about on the beach and drinking hot chocolate.


Thursday, 16 August 2012

Day 5: Newquay...

Yesterday me and the bf decided to head to Newquay to have a little explore. We headed to Fistral bay but the waves were seriously non-existent so then we headed into Newquay town for a little mooch about.
Newquay wasn't what I expected really?! A lot of people had 'bigged it up' to me so I was a little let down. I know it's a great night out but I expected it to be a little more picturesque but I still had a great time exploring it's beautiful coastline.

That evening we ate out at a little pub in Port Isaac and had a few drinks which was great. Only a day or so left until I have to go back to work. Hopefully we are going to get back in the water if the waves pick up.


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Day 4 part 2: riding some waves...

After exploring Tintagel, in the afternoon we went to a pick your own strawberry field which I haven't done since I was about 9!?

We then headed to Polzeath and the bf actually got me in the water! We did some body boarding for over an hour and I LOVED it!!! It's meant to be a decent surf tomorrow and if so we are going to head there again.


Day 4: edge of the world...

In the morning we went to Tintagel which is the legendary birthplace of King Arthur. The scenery was stunning and the cliffs so sheer that it felt like the edge of the world.

The bf did some snorkelling and swimming in the little cove and took the photo of the waterfall for me. I meanwhile chilled on the beach and caught some sun.


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Day 3: Pimms & Camel Trail...

Yesterday we headed to Padstow and hired out bikes. I really wanted to hire a tandem but the bf wasn't as keen haha.
We rode the Camel Trail to Bodmin and back (getting covered in mud in the process!) but it was such a fun day and great scenery.
The weather was a bit showery but there was still time for a spot of harbour-side chilling with some Pimms


Sunday, 12 August 2012

Day 2: super sand castles...

Today we hit the fine sands of Polzeath. The sun was shining (surprisingly) and I spent the day building a 'super castle', chilling and eating Cornish ice-cream...yum.
Even though I can do all these things at home on Weymouth beach I don't really have the time to do it so it's nice to be a tourist for a week at the seaside

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Cornwall day 1...

At the moment I am staying in cornwall for a week with my bf and his family. I'm not usually the sort of person who would go on holiday with MY family let alone someone else's...but so far so good :)
We are staying in Port Isaac which is a beautiful small harbour village. Yesterday we ate at one of the pubs (camembert and thyme is amazing!) and explored the beach and caves.
Today the bf is going to try to get me to go surfing!!? I think he will be lucky if I get in the water! Haha

Monday, 6 August 2012

Sail away...

Ben Ainslie has won his 4th Olympic Gold medal!!!
Everyone in Weymouth and Portland has been buzzing off of the excitement of having the Olympic sailing events right on our door-step. The Cove ( the pub that I work at) has been rammed to the rafters with all of the sailing athletes and let's just say that the Brazilians definitely know how to party! haha 

To soak up the sailing spirit I went into Weymouth again to view the live footage and will be keeping my eyes peeled for a Ben Ainslie or Ian Percy spotting as they come into the pub every so often :)

Me looking a little hungover but very happy


Friday, 3 August 2012

Go team GB...

I am loving the Olympics! Not sure what I will do when it is over?!
All of the sailing events are taking place right on my door-step and having got to know a few of the sailing teams from work it is really nice to get involved and cheer everyone on.
Me and the girls popped down to the beach today where they are screening the sailing live on big screens. Nothing beats an ice cream in the sun on the beach and getting to watch our country succeed...come on Ben Ainslie!!! Woooo