Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Spend Vs. Splurge: Brown Wedge Sandals

Having lusted after these beauties on I have managed to find a cheaper alternative that is more realistic for my 'studenty' excuse for a budget

Yves Saint Laurent


Pretty similar...And I def didn't feel too guilty when the dreaded scrapes and scuffs appeared on the heel after a heavy night out with friends


Thursday, 7 July 2011

worth its wear?...

As I am an extremely skint student any clothing I decide to purchase has to possess the following qualities:
a) It MUST go with everything in my wardrobe
b) It MUST be worth its money in wear
and finally...
c) I employ the clever mind trick that I have to have wanted it for at least a week

Ottoman Bustier Dress
So sadly this dress from Warehouse which I would really like to own for a friend's summer wedding fails on all three :(
The one wear won't justify the £70 expenditure...but could it be worth it on fashion lust alone?

it's times like these...

As the indecisive summer weather flits from scorching to Baltic and back again it leaves me longing wistfully to be back at the Isle of Wight Festival 2011. Just 3 weeks ago I was enjoying the sun while frolicking about to the likes of Pulp and Kings Of Leon...and falling in love with a second Dave (last name Grohl)
Oh how I wish it was socially acceptable to wear beach shorts and wellies in everyday life :)