Saturday, 25 February 2012

Cupcakes and Parma violets...

Today was lovely weather for an afternoon in Brighton. I decided to hit the shops and browse for a bit. Armed with a scrumptious bespoke cupcake I returned with a new nail polish in a lovely Parma violet shade

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Today I am wearing...

Bit of an homage to 'where's Wally' haha


Monday, 20 February 2012

Orange lips...

Sisters of the New Moon

 I decided to sample a piece of Topshop's latest make-up collection (it hit stores earlier this month) by dipping my toe into the 'Sisters of the New Moon'. 
Iridescent nail polishes, vibrant lips & ultra thin eye-liners make up this ethereal make-up line with dreamy-like packaging to top it off.
(I think the packaging is probably the main reason I end up buying into the make-up ranges!?)

Lipstick in 'charmed' £9

With a velvety finish and  a moisturising & creamy application,  this vibrant  lip colour will  look great in summer with a bit of a tan


Thursday, 16 February 2012

Super talented sister...

My younger sister Brodie is currently studying Illustration at university in Cardiff. She's in the process of setting up a blog/online portfolio to get her stuff 'out there'...personally I think she is super talented and I just wish I could draw half as good as her :)

all rights to these illustrations belong to Brodie Davies

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Reliving my childhood ear-cuff obsession...

Lately a lot of things that I remember being fashionable when I was a kid have reappeared back into fashion
(peace-signs, temporary tattoos, coloured hair etc).

One such thing is the ear-cuff!
I remember spending my hard-earned pocket money on 'silver' ear cuffs that were more hassle than they were worth.
  • the cheap metal turned your ear green
  • incessantly slipped down
  • you would inevitably lose it in a tangle of hair
However this has not stopped me from buying a couple of them at the weekend. 

silver ankh  £3.50 Topshop
gold climbing man £5 Camden market

If only I had saved  my old ear cuffs from my pre-teenage years....mmmm  maybe I should dig out my  high-heeled jelly shoes for when they become 'cool' again??!!!


Monday, 13 February 2012

His n' her's t-shirts...

People say that couples end up morphing into each other after a while and that their fashion style blends into one...if so I really don't think I can pull off my bfs long shorts!
But for the moment we both own identical brand new 'The Black Keys' t-shirts.
Some people will find this cute, others nauseating...I think most people will sign us off as complete losers BUT I say I wanted it first, he says he did! So what can you do?! 

It will just have to be a case of whoever puts it on first in the morning gets to wear it
(bf if you are reading this be prepared for you t-shirt to never make it's way out of the washing bin! haha)


Sunday, 12 February 2012

Shopping spree...

As an early birthday present, yesterday I hit Oxford St. for numerous hours of retail rampage!
Here is a selection of my favourite buys.

I wanted to add a burst of bright floral freshness to my wardrobe...
Topshop floral jumpsuit  £58
I have covered the pastel trend with this ice blue jersey top 
Topshop pastel blue top £14
  And as a girl who loves maxi skirts but who's legs hate them (I am waaaay too short!), this skirt is perfect for shorter girls and in my favourite colour
Forever 21 asymmetric hem skirt £16
 Much to the bf's dismay I literally spend over 2 hours in Topshop and most of that was spent in the accessories department...too much choice.
Topshop spiked bracelet £6.50
Topshop peace ring £6.50

 Cannot wait to wear all my new purchases out

The Black Keys...

Friday night the bf and I saw The Black Keys live at Alexandra Palace...

This performance is now stored in my memory as my top 4 live gigs EVER!!!
(Pulp, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone-age, in-case you were wondering)
They played a mix of old and new material that was the perfect combination of blues and rock.

Check out my video I managed to record whilst dancing my tootsies' off


Friday, 10 February 2012

Off to London...

I'm off to London with the bf to see the amazing band 'The Black Keys' at Alexandra Palace!!! Woooo! I am beyond excited.
First off when we get there I want to head straight for Camden market to sample the culinary delights of turkish wraps and chocolate dipped strawberries. Mmmm.
Tomorrow I'm going to make a bee-line straight for the shopping Mecca of Topshop (Oxford circus) for a bit of pre-birthday shopping.
Now for a 3 hour train journey from Weymouth :( but hopefully the new issue of I-d magazine will get me through it

Thursday, 9 February 2012

A spritz of Grunge Glamour...

After a few years of being a hair stylist I got used to trying every type of hair product 
(both expensive salon quality & cheap chic)
 so I'm a bit pessimistic when it comes to wonder hair products...HOWEVER!!! This little beauty has won me over! 

'Grunge Glamour Tousled Salt Spray' by Umberto Giannini
under £6 from Boots

Perfect beachy, bedhead hair in literally seconds!!
It smells lush (a fresh take on white musk), the illustrated packaging is gorgeous and anything that saves me from EVER brushing my hair (yes I am that lazy) is amazing.

Grunge Glamour I do believe you are my new staple hair product

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

seeing double....uni photo-shoot

A taster of my Mayan Apocalypse shoot


I seriously don't have the money but...

Okay, student loan is slowly trickling away...BUT yesterday I was informed via facebook that Ben Howard tickets go on sale tomorrow for his next UK tour and I seriously want to go....boooooo :( I first heard him at Bestival last year and literally loved him and I think he's been getting quite a bit of radio air play since then as more and more people have fallen in love with his music <3
I would describe his music as quite mellow (although the bf would say 'depressing' haha).
I missed out on tickets to see him in Brighton this month but am determined not to miss out again!!! My favourite Ben Howard song is 'depth over distance' but that really is quite a depressing song so here's a little taster of something a little more upbeat...


Monday, 6 February 2012

First look: Mayan Apocalyptic shoot...

(before editing)
For my current uni project we are in the process of creating a class magazine. With the first issue having the theme 'Re-birth' I have been researching the idea of 2012 and the Apocalypse and have decided to go with this theme for my photo-shoot.

Vibrant Mayan inspired clothing, jewellery, hair and make up stood out amazingly on a cold, bleak post-apocalyptic background.
Luckily I have amazing friends who were willing to model in barely-there outfits in -1 degree weather. Especially when it began to snow....eeek.


Taking inspiration from dancing photos such as this I am in the process of getting creative in photo-shop by overlapping the's taking me longer than expected so watch this space