Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Reliving my childhood ear-cuff obsession...

Lately a lot of things that I remember being fashionable when I was a kid have reappeared back into fashion
(peace-signs, temporary tattoos, coloured hair etc).

One such thing is the ear-cuff!
I remember spending my hard-earned pocket money on 'silver' ear cuffs that were more hassle than they were worth.
  • the cheap metal turned your ear green
  • incessantly slipped down
  • you would inevitably lose it in a tangle of hair
However this has not stopped me from buying a couple of them at the weekend. 

silver ankh  £3.50 Topshop
gold climbing man £5 Camden market

If only I had saved  my old ear cuffs from my pre-teenage years....mmmm  maybe I should dig out my  high-heeled jelly shoes for when they become 'cool' again??!!!


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