Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Pretty pastels...

Getting in on the pastel trend with a bit of sorbet, ice-cream, peppermint and peach melba enthused nails

Sunday, 29 January 2012

bohemian nights at Urban Outfitters...

Lately I cannot get enough of Urban Outfitters! I love their new collection that's inspired by Woodstock and all things bohemian. It's got a real 'burning man festival' hippy vibe. If I had a thousand £'s or so I would def be heading straight down Urban Outfitters to grab as much as I could carry :)

First on my list would be one of these digitally printed scarves....that explode in a kaleidoscope of colour.

wrapping my body in jewellery...

I needed some impact jewellery for my uni photo-shoot and decided that a body chain would be just what I needed. I picked mine up from Topshop (£20) with the intention of returning it after the shoot as I thought it would be too difficult to carry off in my own normal day-to-day wardrobe but I couldn't have been more wrong!!!

After experimenting I have discovered it goes with almost anything and is very flattering for someone with big boobs (this really surprised me as things rarely flatter my larger-than-average boobsicles).
It helps to show off your shape in loose clothing and I am now a big fan of the body chain.


new wonder product!!!...

My house-mate Chloe introduced me to this baby and omigoshhh it is def worth the money!
I love bright lips but hate the hassle of wearing lipstick! It goes everywhere when I eat, drink or even talk! wears off too early, goes on my teeth, my clothes and my bf's face!
You get the picture!!!!!!
But this lip marker is the answer to it all!
It's so easy to apply and you don't need to line you lips as the pen gives you such a strong outline. I used it on a Friday night out in the 'Orange' shade and it was still visible the next morning!!!!! It doesn't print onto you clothes as it is fast-drying and it even tastes sweet.

Lip marker £8 Topshop

Myself wearing the 'orange' shade
I now own both the red 'orange' shade and the pink 'popsicle'....I really hope they bring out more colours!


My favourite colour is...

I decided to get a bit creative with my old battered converse. I have literally had them since I was 16 so that's...1,2,3...4...errr okay let's just say for over 5 years now :) and they resembled a white pair of converse that maybe had had a little too much fun (grey, stained, ripped) so I have put a new lease of life into the poor old things in the form of
'Bahama Blue' dye from Dylon (£4.99)


Not bad for under a fiver!!!
They will compliment my new Topshop nail varnish perfectly.

Nail varnish in 'marine scene'- £5 Topshop


Saturday, 28 January 2012

Tie-dye backpack...

Recently I picked up this little beauty from Urban Outfitters. From £46 down to £18 in the sale it will perfect for this summer's festival season xoxo

Friday, 27 January 2012

New pre-birthday shoes!!...

Arghhhhh loving my early birthday present to myself!!! Sexy new converse!!!! I plan on living in these for the next...FOREVER!!!


Thursday, 26 January 2012

Beni, beni, beni! excitement is mounting!...

My tickets are purchased, my flights are booked and my excitement is building! eeeee!
The line up has slowly been trickling through onto the web with new artists being added daily.
My top picks so far are as follows :
  • Florence and the machine
  • Bombay bicycle club (yay!)
  • Noel Gallagher's high flying birds (love him...def the talent in Oasis!)
  • Crystal castles
  • New Order (fingers crossed they play a bit of Joy Division too)
  • Katy B (not usually my taste but she was pretty good at Bestival last year)
  • The Vaccines
Now for a lovely bit of Florence...can't wait to dance around in the spanish heat to this


Monday, 23 January 2012

Put a ring on it...

Lately I have been seriously obsessed with giant boulder-like rings. I'm one of those people who cannot be trusted with expensive jewellery (from experience, I am bound to lose it) but these babies didn't cost the earth so I won't feel too guilty if I lose them or too guilty if I buy more haha.

From left to right...
Topshop peace ring, miss selfridge pyramid ring and blue rock, h&m turquoise, topshop metal wrapped orange stone and primark gold knuckle-wrap. All range in price from £2-9