Wednesday, 18 August 2010

camel-toes are in fashion...

Just purchased these beauties from Topshop!! After 'touching them up' for the fourth time in the last two weeks I thought it was about time to think about saying "goodbye" to my summer tribal flats and "hello" to these triple trend ticking booties.

  • style= wedge-heeled ankle boots with military style strappings
  • shade= camel
  • made of luxe fabric (minimalist trend)
YES!! that's not one, not two, BUT three trends in one to get me through the beginning of autumn....I plan on living in them!

(that is until I cave in once the winter freeze kicks in and buy some heeled, shearling lined hiking boots)

but here's to being faithful to the camel-toes until then

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

'Hey, Goose, you big stud...take me to bed or lose me forever'

This Autumn/Winter we are all set to channel our inner 'Top Gun' with leather sheepskin lined aviator jackets(as seen below at Burberry)
The Aviator jacket is a massive A/W style statement that's been seen across the board from Burberry to Giles...even gracing the gossip girl shoulders of Blake Lively.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks amazing wearing it (as usual), I however am not blessed with model-like proportions so will be avoiding the over-sized and 'boxy' looking bombers by getting in on the trend with either a trusty leather biker jacket edged with shearling (like the street style 'Maverick' below)

or in my dreams these sheepskin lined Mui Mui platform boots....
The Aviator flying jacket is destined to be a style-hunter's wardrobe essential for A/W 2010
So wrap yourself in leather and luxe shearling with a superabundance of straps and buckle detailing for a safe landing that will take you straight through to Winter xoxo