Friday, 30 March 2012

Motel spring bloggers party and goodie bag...

Last night I helped out at the Motel Spring party at the London showroom. Full to the brim
with up-and-coming fashion bloggers it was a great night for the company as we helped promote the new S/S line.

For helping out, the lovely Motel girls let me keep a press bag full of goodies...including some awesome nails rocks, Motel dress and amazing rock and Rose ring


New leopard print nails rocks...

Last night in my Motel goodie bag I received amazing leopard print nail stickers...they were a lot quicker to do than nail varnish and mess free! Really happy with the results

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Special delivery...

Today I am off to London to help out at the Motel showroom. They have sent me the 'Rita' playsuit to wear in exchange for lending a helping hand. Also looking forward to having a cheeky browse at what Oxford street has to offer. Will keep you posted on how the night goes...

I want a new tattoo...

The last few days I have had the urge to do something radical! 
Get a tattoo or a nose ring (not a stud) were the main things that came to mind. I think it must be because I am leaving Brighton this weekend and that I am trying to hang onto the bohemian attitude that sums up this 
amazing place. 

After remembering how much it hurt getting my nose pierced and how it never really healed, I have decided on the idea of a new tattoo. I have been thinking about getting a swallow for over a year now and have decided I am going to go for it...on my ribs!! eeeee painful. :( 

I was thinking something similar to this...
I like the symbolism behind the swallow as they are seen as loyal and always return home safely.
 I will let you know how it goes


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Last crazy week in Brighton...

Due to treacherous living conditions (a.k.a. the building work that has almost driven us insane!), my house-mates and myself are vacating the property. This means that this week shall be our last full week in Brighton until September. For the next two months I shall be a travelling nomad who travels between Cardiff & Bristol (for work experience), my Bf's house back on Portland (for hugs) and my Mum's  house (for food, obvs haha). Me and Emily wanted to really make the most of our last week or so and have had the best time in the last few days :) 
We have seriously have made the most of living in the awesome-ness that is Brighton.

Tuesday we hit a pub with our course-mates, Kaci & Harri, for a live band that can only be described as 'hip hop reggae' & 'crazzzzy fun!' 
myself and Emily at 'born in a barn'
me, harri, emily & Kaci

Wednesday we made the most of having our phone contracts with Orange and got ourself some half price Pizza Express

Thursday we had a barrel of laughs at Komedia's 'Krater Club' for some stand up comedy. Seriously such a good laugh. Afterwards what was meant to be 'one drink' turned into many, many, many cocktails at Riki Tik 

Friday & Saturday we hit the beach to enjoy the sunshine with a pear cider

 and Saturday night we hit a new club night at Coalition with our old house-mate Ceri. Didn't get in till the wee hours .
Sunday was spent re-cooperating and trying to get over the confusion at having lost an hour with the clocks moving forwards.
I have had the best week in a long time


Monday, 26 March 2012

The magazine has landed...

After many weeks of hard work, wielding cameras and crouching over MACS; our university class magazine has finally landed! It's so amazing to see all our hard work in semi-gloss print.

The magazine was named Alpha to push the message of it being forward-thinking and the  leader in
 fashion/lifestyle publications.
My article and illustrations for my 'Girls on Film' article

 It was so rewarding to finally see my 'Mayan Apocalypse' photo-shoot all finished and laid out properly... 

Am soooo happy with how it turned out and really feel like this project pushed me and 
expanded on my skills


Monday, 19 March 2012

The sun has come out to play...

Today Brighton is radiant and I am showcasing my brand new Topshop sunnies. Every year I get a new pair of aviators (I always scratch or sit on them, boo) but this year I especially love these beauties. With literally 'rose-tinted' lenses they are perfectly feminine...keeping me firmly outta' Topgun territory.

Topshop £12.00

I feel like I have seriously been neglecting my blog, but in my defence I hadn't seen the Bf for nearly 3 weeks as he was snowboarding in Canada! We made it up over the last week and this wknd he gave me this beautiful blue rose (yeah I didn't know you get get them either??!)
Seriously beautiful and I am such a sucker for flowers <3

Anyway, I am off into town to make the most of the sunshine and my new sun-glasses


Sunday, 11 March 2012

Steel-capped nails...

After seeing something similar in ELLE magazine, I decided to add some steel toe-caps to my aquamarine nails. The perfect way to toughen up girly pastels and a good way to hide any chips

Friday, 2 March 2012

Getting crafty...

Lack of funds has led myself and my house-mate Emily to resort to arts & crafts instead of  a night out. We decided to swap bottles of beer for beautiful bracelets last night and tangled ourselves up in knots of thread.

from this...

to this! 

loving our brand new bracelets... much better than a hangover


New fringe...

Lately I have been sooooo busy with uni work that I have neglected my blog completely...
so here is a little update on 'the life of Rian'

I gave myself an eye-lash skimming fringe to update my hairstyle a little. I cut it myself but if you are considering doing this then be careful and take your time because no-one wants a wonky face-framer :)

I love the dip-dye trend but wouldn't want to fully commit to it permanently so I just had a go with a 'wash-in-wash-out' colour. I did it using chalk pastel that you can buy from any art shop and a bit of hairspray. It works really well on blonde hair and washes straight out.

And finally....YUMMY TREATS!
Yesterday was so warm that it literally felt like Spring. It was almost t-shirt weather!! So in aid of celebrating this weather I sampled yummy blueberry frozen yoghurt with fresh blackberries...yum!