Monday, 19 March 2012

The sun has come out to play...

Today Brighton is radiant and I am showcasing my brand new Topshop sunnies. Every year I get a new pair of aviators (I always scratch or sit on them, boo) but this year I especially love these beauties. With literally 'rose-tinted' lenses they are perfectly feminine...keeping me firmly outta' Topgun territory.

Topshop £12.00

I feel like I have seriously been neglecting my blog, but in my defence I hadn't seen the Bf for nearly 3 weeks as he was snowboarding in Canada! We made it up over the last week and this wknd he gave me this beautiful blue rose (yeah I didn't know you get get them either??!)
Seriously beautiful and I am such a sucker for flowers <3

Anyway, I am off into town to make the most of the sunshine and my new sun-glasses


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