Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Ombre nails...

My favourite nails that I have done so far.
 Move over ombré hair and bring on ombré nails.
I have wanted to do this nail design for ages ever since I saw a similar design on Tumblr and after a bit of research on the net I found a similar tutorial.
I created this look using three different nail colours and a make up sponge. 
So simple, yet effective!

Think I'm def gonna have to have these at Benicassim festival. Only a week til I fly to Spain and escape this horrendous British summer.


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Follow me...


I have an addiction...

Hello my name is Rian and I am addicted to nail varnish.
Sheer, glitter, doesn't matter I purchase them all!! 

I decided I needed to clear out some of my nail polish due to them drying out but mostly due to the sheer excess of them all. I am a bit OCD when it comes to my nails in the way that I paint them probably twice a week and won't put up with chips. I don't particularly look after my nails or anything, I just like bright paint box shades on my nails at all times.

After the clear out...yes there was more!
Plus my top coats and nail art pens.

Realistically I probably buy a lot of nail polish as it's a lot easier and cheaper to update my look than if I were to buy clothing. Yes so this addiction is recession proof haha.

Today I decided to wear my red ditzy floral playsuit (to contrast with the grey and rainy English sky) and teamed it with a denim boyfriend shirt and zesty green nails.
Playsuit- Motel
Denim shirt- Topshop
Orange ring- Topshop
 Spiked ring- Rock n' Rose

Oh and for those of you who haven't already snatched one up... Vogue is only £2 this month!! Yay.

More money for nail varnish then... 


Sunday, 24 June 2012

Bloomin' lovely vintage find...

This is the super bargain of a shirt I picked up the other day in a vintage/charity shop. Managed to snatch it up for a mere £3.  
As you can see I am not wearing shoes in the pic due to rushing about and I only just had time to take this snap before running out of the door.

Shirt- £3 Vintage
Shorts- Levis (def getting their wear at the moment)
Shoes- none! Obvs. I put some on before I left the house...I'm not that mental  :)
I am in the process of doing a healthy eating plan (a.k.a a crash diet) as I only have 10 days left until I head to Spain for Benicassim festival. The calorie counter app on my iphone has now become my bible and local people may even spot me running/cycling in an attempt to get beach ready. Yes that running girl wearing her boyfriend's sports gear, red in the face and nearly passing out is in fact me. haha


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

My sister and I...

 We work together...and now we live together!
My younger sister Brodie is staying with my boyfriend and I for the summer (although she will mostly be hanging out at her Bf's).
This means I felt it was only right to include her in an outfit post...especially since I will be diving into her wardrobe as well as mine.

 Brodie is wearing:
Shirt- Rose Tinted Vintage, Jeans & Shoes- Topshop
and the bag is from a Vintage fair in Cardiff.

I am wearing:
T-shirt- Primark, Skirt- New Look and belt is an old one from H&M
Ring- Urban Outfitters
Bracelet- Topshop £3 in the sale.

Expect lots of clothes swapping in the near future.

Friday, 15 June 2012

GFW and chaos in Camden...

On Wednesday Pe-jae, Emily and myself all decided to hit GFW for some inspiration for our last and final year at uni (boooo). We needed to check out the competition and it really got our 'creative juices' flowing. I'm looking forward to getting stuck into my final year...even if the thought of it is a bit scary.

After the exhibition we headed to Camden for a pitcher of cocktail on the lock. One turned into 'one too many' and we had a great night of live music at Proud in Camden Market.

a quick pose on the bridge...

rocking our black and grungy looks in Camden...

quite blurry due to the smoke but that is in fact Aiden Grimshaw!

We even managed to meet Aiden Grimshaw (of former X Factor fame) which was a massive treat.


Thursday, 14 June 2012

I heart GB...

The Jubilee has been and gone but let us still remain patriotic!!! 
The Olympics are only a few weeks away and all of the sailing events are taking place right on my doorstep.  
The Cove House Inn (where I work part time) has been full to the brim of toned and tanned sailing athletes in the run-up to the Olympics. A pub full of tanned Aussie, Italian and Swedish competitors does tend to make the time fly a little faster ;) 

Gorgeously yummy GB cake and a lovely Cove sunset in the background

Check out these amazing patriotic treats!
 The Union Jack berry cake was made by my friend Hannah's Mum. It really did taste as good as it looks.


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A letter to Summertime...

Dear British Summertime,
 I am fed up of this weather!!! In June I expect to be living in my bikini and flip flops.The tan I had from the heat-wave has faded away and I am forced to fake tan again which is costing me money and ruining my boyfriend's carpet! boooo.
I have also had to dig out my tights from the back of my drawers and am fed up of rainy hair!
This is truly unacceptable!!

Love Rian

Topshop Jumper, Levi's D.I.Y.studded shorts,
and Vans 
Vans Era

Models own nail polish in 'Beach Party'

British summer-time sucks... to see the link to my studded shorts post click here


D.I.Y. studded bum bag...

Getting creative with the studs again!!
This time I have transformed a boring fuddy duddy' leather bum-bag into something I'd quite happily be seen wearing in public. I was inspired by some that I saw in Urban Outfitters last summer but the price tag was a little steep so I have created my own.

leather bum bag-  £6.99 Ebay 
small conical studs and skewer
the finished product
It was quite time consuming but I am really happy with the result. I can't wait to rock this bad boy at Benicassim festival this summer (Only 4 weeks away!!! Eeeeeeeee!)


Saturday, 9 June 2012

Minty fresh...

Today I headed to Bournemouth with the boyfriend to kit him out for summer. I might try and do a post on his new outfits if he will let me but he tends to think he is too 'cool' to be fashionable haha.
I decided to wear my new Vans (black/White Eras £49.99) and a Topshop mint green boyfriend informed me that I look like chocolate and mint ice-cream in it!!! (errr thanks!)

mint Topshop knit
vans era £49.99 Vans store, Brighton