Sunday, 13 May 2012

Ragged Priest inspired jacket...

I have gushed about my love for The Ragged Priest in an earlier post. 
All of it is very original looking and vibrant but a little too expensive for my student budget so I decided to attack an old denim jacket with dye & bleach to re-create my own version.

It was a pale blue/white denim with a humongous black current juice stain on the back of it from last year's Isle of White Festival. I soaked it in pale pink dylon dye and then tie-dyed it in bleach for 20 mins. It turned out great and the stain has been camouflaged out almost completely.

Now I just need to buy some studs to toughen it up a bit and then I am good to go. Very on-trend for this season and when I get bored of it I can just dye it black or navy.


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