Friday, 11 May 2012

Pink hair??!! and Motel haul...

Just had my hair done by my lovely hairdresser Cara. She is literally the only person I trust to do my hair as she knows me really well and doesn't try to push me into more extreme styles that just wouldn't feel like 'me'. 
I have lightened the ends of my hair in preparation for the marshmallow pink dye that I have bought and she has toned down the top third of my hair to a colour similar to my natural colour...the aim being that I will dye my hair less and just leave it au natural...except for the bright pink obvs.

the photo doesn't really show the difference between the top and bottoms of my hair but I will post a better photo once I have dyed it PINK!!
 As you can see I am wielding my camera. This is part of my new aim to use less instagram photos on my blog. I want to try and vary it a bit so that the images are a bit more life-like. That's not to say I will stop using instagram completely it is super convenient for on-the-go posts.

This week I ended up receiving to parcels in 2 days! I love receiving packages as it doesn't happen that often. My Motel order arrived just in time for the weekend. I chose an Aztec print play-suit with cut-out back and the red ditzy floral playsuit too. Plus some brand new nail varnishes from Model's Own to add to my already stupidly large collection of polishes that are taking over my BF's bedroom.

cute cut-out detail at back
I'd never usually wear red but this will look great with my leather jacket and DM's

Model's Own nail polish in: pinky/brown beetle juice, aqua/violet beetle juice and Sophie's pink

I have just ordered a new camera tripod from Ebay so expect lots more self-portraits and less instant instagram convenience (hopefully).


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