Saturday, 12 May 2012

Hippie bands and a growing Ebay obsession...

I STILL haven't put my raspberry Dr Marten's on Ebay yet!!
 Arghhh I really need to get my bum in gear and do it!
 I have however discovered the joy of Ebay shopping which is a disaster for my bank balance!
 Since setting up a paypal account I keep buying things without thinking... one click of a button makes it waaay too easy!
I recently purchased these 5 rings from JWLRY (the online shop run by blogger Lilly Melrose) for a mere £5!!!!! So no-thought-purchases aren't all bad. I'm a big fan of big and chunky rings and as these come in an array of my favourite colour (turquoise) they are quickly becoming a permanent extension of my digits.

5 rings for £5 bought in a flash sale from JWLRY.
I am one of those people who only buys clothes for summer! I know this isn't the smartest idea seeing that I live in England and the majority of our weather is dreary and cold, but summer is my favourite time of year and I find Winter clothing boring! I like less layers and being able to chuck things on in a laid-back fashion.
So I couldn't resist stocking up on more 'festival' headbands when I saw them on sale at New Look.

flower headbands both £3 New Look

I honestly just wish my life was one big summer festival! I would happily give up showers and brushing my hair if it meant that I got to see my favourite bands, wear face-paint and flowers and live a festival every day of the year (maybe a shower for special occasions like my bday and xmas??!)
Get me to a festival field ASAP! 

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