Thursday, 15 September 2011

hair today, gone tomorrow??...

After much indecisiveness and texting of everyone I know to get their opinion I have decided to chop my hair off.
Reasons for doing so:
  1. Something fresh and new to start the new uni term with (hopefully will get me motivated)
  2. My hair is absolutely knackered from lack of brushing and the general scruffiness that I have kept it in this's crying out to be snipped!
As I'm an ex-hairdresser, once I had decided on what I wanted I very nearly took my scissors to it myself but it may have resulted in a loss of an ear or an unintentional undercut. So I shall be patient and hope that I don't chicken out.

I'm sort of feeling a Fearne Cotton long blunt bob

Low maintenance and will grow out in time for next summer

Plus looks hot straight or curly

So long as I don't end up with a horror of a hairstyle like poor Cheryl (below) then I will be happy :)


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