Monday, 5 September 2011

waiting for the Dr to arrive....

I have wanted a pair of DM's for a while (that's Dr marten's for those not 'down with the kids') but have had real trouble deciding on a pair. As these shoes are designed to last I have taken as much careful consideration as if I were choosing something permanent like a tattoo. Having learnt that I now no longer look at my wrist tattoo with the fond feelings that I felt for said boyfriend at the time and how I cringe at the fact we both have the same tattoo 'binding' us together FOR LIFE I have genuinely taken approx. 3 weeks to decide on the perfect pair.
Originally I wanted a pair of original classic black boots. The look ended up being more G.I. Jane than I had anticipated. My Mother quickly dismissed the idea of me getting a maroon pair as she said that it was a bit 'skinhead-ish' (I disagreed however, as there is nothing about me that particularly screams 'this is England').
After much internet surfing I decided on a raspberry textured pair. Only problem is they are only sold in the great U.S of A.

So I am now sat waiting with baited breath and fingers and toes crossed in the hope that my everlasting dream boots arrive before Bestival this thursday

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