Monday, 5 September 2011

bf you know I adore you but...

Recently I have begun to broach the subject of my lovely bf's chosen attire. Having worn the same 'uniform' of jeans, giant vans trainers, ill-fitting t-shirts and various brand named hoodies for the last 15+ years I knew that this particular project was going to be a toughie'.
After much reassurance that I adored him no matter what I have offered in a nice loving-girlfriend-way to advise him with his next clothing purchases (unbeknownst to him I had begun to hide various t-shirts at the back of his wardrobe in protest).

And so came the t-shirt deal.
After one too many drinks last friday we came to the drunken decision that on our next shopping trip that I would chose a top for him and vice versa with the intention of getting him outta' his comfort zone and for me to show off his lovely broad shoulders to full affect (yum).

The results were as follows...
  • Place= Republic

Me: What about trying on some of these 'carrot-shaped' trousers?
Bf: I don't like the colour
Me: They come in blue too or red with turn ups?
Bf: No comment! Just quickly puts as many metres between himself and said trousers

  • Place= Topman

Me: Ooooh Rhianna! You like Rhianna!
Response= disgruntled face with slight raise of eyebrow expressing confusion
Bf: Are we still in the girls section??

And so it went on.
Finally after much positive enforcement and reassurance that he looked manly enough still and not like the Gaultier sailor I got him into a Topman fitted stripy t-shirt and I think he liked the results (or maybe just liked my reaction of lust at being able to see his torso properly dressed and defined).
It was purchased and worn...much to my delight ;)

Topman £16

And the top he chose for me in return wasn't too bad either.
Topshop £18

Big smiles all round. Now just to sort out those horrible giant trainers and get him into a pair of brogues and let's hope that gradually less of his wardrobe is banished to wardrobe Narnia.

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