Friday, 18 May 2012

D.I.Y studded shorts...

After lusting after Rihanna in her studded shorts at Coachella I decided to stud some shorts of my own.
My blue cut-off Levi's shorts are seriously too short to wear without tights so I have been keeping my eye out for a longer pair that I can wear with bare legs this summer.

I managed to pick up these awesome black ones from a vintage shop in Cardiff for just £20 which is waaaaay better than the over-priced versions you can get in Urban Outfitters. The studs were approx.
 £8 for 50 (including p&p) from Ebay

I marked out where I wanted to place the studs wih masking tape and a good ole' faithful Sharpie pen,

 Using this weird pointy tool that I found in my Bf's random 'odd-job' draw (do all men have these??!!) I carefully pierced the denim whilst being careful to keep the hole smaller than the stud back as you don't want them to slop all over the place or become loose.

 I decided to put a row of studs along the seam that runs down each leg and also across the top of the back of the shorts so that there is a little 'stud action' from all views. I then simply pushed the stud-back through from the under-side and then screwed the stud cones on as tightly as I could manage.

I can't wait to wear these bad boys once the weather picks up a bit


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  1. they look amazing! xx