Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Last crazy week in Brighton...

Due to treacherous living conditions (a.k.a. the building work that has almost driven us insane!), my house-mates and myself are vacating the property. This means that this week shall be our last full week in Brighton until September. For the next two months I shall be a travelling nomad who travels between Cardiff & Bristol (for work experience), my Bf's house back on Portland (for hugs) and my Mum's  house (for food, obvs haha). Me and Emily wanted to really make the most of our last week or so and have had the best time in the last few days :) 
We have seriously have made the most of living in the awesome-ness that is Brighton.

Tuesday we hit a pub with our course-mates, Kaci & Harri, for a live band that can only be described as 'hip hop reggae' & 'crazzzzy fun!' 
myself and Emily at 'born in a barn'
me, harri, emily & Kaci

Wednesday we made the most of having our phone contracts with Orange and got ourself some half price Pizza Express

Thursday we had a barrel of laughs at Komedia's 'Krater Club' for some stand up comedy. Seriously such a good laugh. Afterwards what was meant to be 'one drink' turned into many, many, many cocktails at Riki Tik 

Friday & Saturday we hit the beach to enjoy the sunshine with a pear cider

 and Saturday night we hit a new club night at Coalition with our old house-mate Ceri. Didn't get in till the wee hours .
Sunday was spent re-cooperating and trying to get over the confusion at having lost an hour with the clocks moving forwards.
I have had the best week in a long time


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  1. such a good week! bring on tomorrow and sun!!xx