Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The LOOK show....

For the next few days I'm going to be in Cardiff.
A 5 hour train journey with serious lack of cookies and a major fear of going to the toilet in case my laptop got stolen resulted in me being quite tetchy when I arrived to say the least. However, this morning the sun was out and the Welsh skies bluer than ever....I hope to hit the town centre at some point today to check out what the Welsh have to offer style-wise.

I have had confirmation of my tickets for 'The LOOK Show' this Friday and am sooooo excited. This may seem anal but I have already worked out what I'm going to be wearing, in fairness I had such little room in my wheelie-case that I was only able to bring exactly what I'm planning on wearing in the next few days.
This resulted in a mini-catwalk show in my bedroom yesterday as I tried to ram more and more 'what if I need a...' items into my already fit-to-burst suitcase.
I decided to take a walk on the wild-side and embrace a leopard print top (hot print for A/W) H&M, Khaki shorts -H&M, lace socks and shoes- New Look.

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