Sunday, 12 September 2010

blossoming nicely in Worthing...

Today I woke up to a new and dazzling Worthing!!
The sun was blazing and in my ibuprofen-aided state I practically leapt out of bed as if I'd had actual beauty sleep (not 3 hours of drunken shut-eye after a rumbustious house-mate gathering). After being challenged by my all-male ensemble of house mates that I would NOT in fact be able to get ready in time for a much anticipated/needed breakfast, I decided on this little floral number and ribbon edged socks combo. Toughened up with military ankle-boots
(of course)

After breakfast we headed down to the pier and came across an outdoor market with people selling their various trinkets and trades of choice. The lovely lady below was just calling
out for me to take a photo of her...

Loved her cute little display....its was like I was taking a little peek into her home

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