Thursday, 19 April 2012

New tattoo and first week of intern-ship...

Okay let me just admit...the tattoo isn't technically new as I have had it for over 2 weeks but I wanted to wait until it was non-scabby before posting photos so you can appreciate it fully in all it's birdy' glory. 

Before you ask...yes it DID hurt and my ribs bruised up a bit but I am really happy with it and it's healed really well. I had it done at Angelic Hell in Brighton and would definitely recommend it. The guy who did it was lovely and made it as quick as possible (much to my relief).

This week has been the start of my work experience at Motel and I have been super busy. The Motel girls are great and I am really enjoying it. Today I decided to team my cropped jumper with a spiked hair band which I purchased for £5 in Topshop. Although it make me feel a bit like I am wearing a crown of thorns, I  love how easily it can 'toughen up' girly pink pastels and princess hair.

Jumper- New Look £12.99
Spiked hair band- Topshop £5 in the sale


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