Friday, 3 December 2010

put a smacker on me just don't touch the tights!!!!

out tonight with the uni girls and have a bit of a dilemma....seems I have been a bit shopper-happy with lipsticks lately. I have accumulated the complete colour spectrum between red and pink (and every colour in-between). As you can see I'm a bit of a brand whore with everything from Benefit to Rimmel.

which one to wear?? mmm?!!

My Henry Holland tights are making their first public outing tonight and at £15 a pop I think I may cry if anyone so much as touches them.
Tights + Alcohol = disaster
I will see how it goes....

p.s. with the idea that my mum may be reading this (yes she has facebook) I know £15 was a lot to spend on tights..yes I know I'm skint
after many cheap copies have bitten the dust I thought it was a sound investment in my warmth
(plus it was bought on my Topshop card so doesn't count as real money )

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